Family pictures

Archive images - Clark - Ford - Grigg - Norrish - Viccari - Walker

(Above – Roy Viccari entertains on banjo, with friends in Cornwall ~ 1948)

Our extended family image archive

Albums and images collected from our extended extended family, including:  Clark, Ford, Grigg, Norrish, [Taylor], Vickery/Viccari and Walker. Shared memories, which should be about the future and what our descendents might find interesting. Organised by decade – as I can’t think of a better way to do it! – More notes about the archive below.

Send me more pictures to add. Use the filename to describe them with decade prefix: ‘Arc 60s -‘  or ‘Arc 80s -‘ etc. . (Button below)

Where the familes feature over time – until I am sent more!

1990 onwards

1980 to 1989

1970 to 1979

1960 to 1969

1950 to 1959

1940 to 1949

1930 to 1939

Family documents


Notes about this archive

I wanted to try to make a stab at archiving some of the visual history of the extended family.

It’s invevitably biased around Viccari/Vickery, as this is where collection here has started. If others are happy to contribute, it will have wider appeal. Currently this is for pre-digital images.

Images don’t mean all that much to others without either knowing the faces (and it’s usually about the people) – and places, unless there is text to explain a little about them, and for me that’s the really hard bit. Time consuming and often inacurate! – Sorry. Any help with contributions and corrections will be much appreciated! Email corrections with the file name as reference.


My experience
It is time consuming, but looking for a few minutes at each image, as I copy, retouch and adjust them, there is a sense of family history and a connection to the past, even where I have no knowledge of the characters I am looking at. 


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