Commercial, or Business to Business photography is probably at the heart of what we do at Viccari Wheele photography.
With over 25 years of experience, and always using the very latest techniques and ideas, we bring fine quality, creativity and efficiency to making images for your business.


Professional photography is less expensive than it might at first seem. For example for a client who is planning a website, and would otherwise use library images, there are Image research and licence fees to consider, which won't apply to your own images.

Additionally, your own images will help visitors see in to your operation. This may seem trivial, but gives them a subliminal message of honesty and transparency which library stock images can't.

As an example; An hour's photography at a local business, which might give you 3 to 6 images, could cost as little as £100.00 + VAT

We believe that Professionally shot images will help raise your business's visibility above the level that your competition achieves without them...



Julia, modelling for Hamilton and Palmer Accident Repair Centre, in a Mercedes SLS in Knightsbridge.The brief was to encapsulate their 'Concierge' service. Returning cars to their owners in pristine condition. Nothing is too much trouble.

•  Use of latest equipment, for best quality, client review and speed of delivery.
•  Continual research and a passion for what we do to provide originality.
•  Value for money.
•  Very high benefit when used with the right website design.

Quadrant Systems Simulation737 Cockpit at Quadrant Systems simulation in Burgess Hill

Some businesses believe that they have nothing worth photographing. Solicitors, or Accident management Companies for example. We would say to those clients, that it is usually the people who make businesses, and we most certainly do find great subjects to photograph to help convey the character and professionalism they want their customers to see. Here are a few more examples.

ReceptionReceptionYour staff are probably your most valuable assets. Show them off!