Peter Viccari has been providing imaginative, high quality commercial photography for over 20 years. Based in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, he has extensive experience in shooting interiors, products, people at work, and various aspects of the motor industry.

He likes to meet with clients before a shoot to establish what they want to achieve, beyond providing images. Understanding their business and their environment can provide important clues as to how to shoot images for websites, exhibitions, brochures or which ever medium they are intended for.

He remains passionate about what he does. "Photography is a part of me, I take pictures all the time, not just for work!" he says. "It's built in, I'm always looking for interesting landscapes and things to shoot".

Peter has always been interested in technology too, and was an early adopter when photography started going digital. He is always exploring new ideas and techniques to deliver the best shooting experience and imagery to his clients.